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We aim to simplify the search for seed and other forms of internal university funding that support the critical early stage work of Stanford faculty.

Stanford has numerous internal funding opportunities for faculty and their research teams, but it’s not always apparent where they all are, or how to apply. Our goal is to make it easy to find opportunities, despite the expansive nature of the university, and make it dead simple to apply. This service is part of a Dean of Research initiative to reduce the administrative burden incurred by faculty and their teams, and to afford them more time for our shared core mission of research and teaching.

Powered By Profiles

To achieve this goal, Seed Funding is integrated with Stanford Profiles, via API. When you login to our website, information is automagically pulled from Stanford Profiles: basics like contact info, titles, etc. but also bio, current research interests, and other elements that commonly appear in application forms.  Instead of re-keying your personal data for the umpteenth time that day, Seed Funding autofills this information so that you can spend time writing the more meaningful parts of your application.

Continuous Participatory Enhancement

Stanford Seed Funding is under active development, and we are continuously working to improve.  Part of our success lies in building an application management system that works for staff as well as faculty. We do this by inviting the staff who manage opportunities to explain their workflows, share best practices and help us prioritize what we should build next. We also engage faculty and research administrators to receive feedback so we can provide the best possible user experience and we aim to solve real business needs for those administering opportunities, large and small.

I am a Stanford staff who manages calls for proposals...

This website allows you to:

  • Announce a call for proposals, letters of intent
  • Collect proposals and applications
  • Manage review & selection process
  • Award / Decline, notify
  • Create and assign lists of steps for awardees to complete
  • Get reports on opportunities you manage
  • Collaborate with team members, and with others across campus

How can I get started, how can I announce my opportunity on the homepage?

Click below to become a Program Officer.

You’ll be prompted to fill out a quick form so we can process your request. Once you've begun the form, you can return at any time to complete and submit it. We typically review and grant access within a few days.

Login to Become a Program Officer

If you have any questions please feel free to reach us at