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Stanford offers a bounty of internal funding opportunities to fund your research or other academic activities such as teaching and community engagement.

It’s not always apparent where they all are, or how to apply. Seed Funding aims to simplify the search for seed and other forms of internal university funding that support the work of Stanford faculty and other researchers by providing a place for the hundreds of Stanford units including research institutes and centers, departments, and programs where they can advertise their opportunities and manage review, selection award processes all in one place.

This service is part of a Dean of Research initiative to reduce the administrative burden incurred by faculty and their teams, and to afford them more time for our shared core mission of research and teaching.

What you’ll find on Seed Funding includes pretty much any internal grant or funding offered by any of the campus units. This includes course enhancements, pilot grants, training grants, seed grants, new ideas/proof-of-concept grants and community engagement.


  • Explore funding opportunities available to you.
  • Subscribe to get notified when new opportunities are announced and always be in the know about the latest.
  • Apply for opportunities and fund your academic endeavors!

Additional perks:

  • Seed Funding makes it easy for you to apply: your Stanford Profile auto-populates on any application you start so you don’t have to retype information already entered elsewhere.
  • Seed Funding will send you reminders for items you need to complete such as applications, checklists, etc.

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Stanford Staff

  • Seed Funding provides a feature-complete site to help you manage the entire lifecycle of matching funding opportunities with faculty and other researchers including announcing opportunities widely, collecting applications, managing review and selection processes, awarding, collecting progress reports, reporting and collaborating with colleagues in your units or other Stanford units.
  • By using Seed Funding you help our university democratize access to all opportunities for all faculty and other researchers and you help our university get better data so we can best serve our faculty.
  • Applicants never have to fill out basic info, their Stanford Profile auto-populates on applications. This way applicants can spend time writing the more meaningful parts of their application instead.
  • Seed Funding makes it easier for faculty to participate in review and provide supplemental requests.
  • Seed Funding was developed internally, is wholly owned and operated by Stanford AND we are continuously working to improve the site to further tailor it to your needs. If you have ideas on how to make it better, we offer a number of ways you can share them with us and participate (email us at
  • Seed Funding removes the need for staff to re-invent the wheel about how to collect applications every year.
  • One less standalone system to maintain and have to worry about.

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What’s not on Seed Funding and where to find it